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Ten most used gestures in the Gulf
By Kate Mitchell   »   It's often hard to communicate when two people don't speak the same language, which is why it helps to understand what an Arab is trying to say when he communicates with his hands. Here are 10 of the most commonly used gestures in the Middle East:
No. Holding right forefinger up and moving quickly from side to side.

No. Moving head back a little and either raising eyebrows or chin upwards, could be combined as the chin upwards with a clicking sound with tongue.

Go away. Holding right hand out with palm downwards, moving it as though scooping something away.

What? Why?  Holding right hand out with palm downward and quickly twisting to the show palm upward.

Come here.  Right hand out, palm upward, then opening and closing the fingers.

Give it to me.  Same as above but hold the fingers half way closed.

Calm down. Right hand out with thumb and fingertips touching, move the hand up and down slowly.

Quieten down. Right hand out, palm downward, move the whole hand up and down slowly.

Victory sign, very good. Fist of the right hand with thumb extended.

Sincerity.  Place right hand to the heart or chest after having shaken hands.


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