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Coffee etiquette: What you should know
By Ghada Alansari   »   Serving or partaking of Arabic coffee in this region has its own customs and knowing them can be helpful.

Arabic coffee is always served in special small cups and traditionally the quantity poured should be enough for two to three sips. Part of the tradition is to drink it immediately.

To have more the cup is returned normally to the saucer and this automatically indicates to the server that you wish to have a refill. But if you’ve had enough, then you return the cup to the server and then gently shake the empty cup to left to right and by that you have indicated to the server that you don’t want any more.

Another very old custom that is not practiced anymore, is when a cup is first served, the guest places it on the floor. This will tell the host that the guest has come with a request and hopes that the host can fulfill it. Once that matter has been concluded, the guest should finish drinking his coffee otherwise it will be a form of an insult.


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