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Rent-a-car best way to explore
The best option by far if you would like to go to places quickly and easily is to rent a car. Rental charges are very reasonable.

To drive in Bahrain you need a GCC or an International Driving License. You have to present your license to be able to hire a car and it has to be endorsed by the Traffic Directorate. Do not worry; you can get it done at the car rental firm!

Several car rental companies - from very small to well known international firms like Hertz and Avis - operate in Bahrain and all offer very good services.

The charges vary from company to company. Unlimited mileage and insurance is generally included. As a rough guide, the rental for one day is between BD12 and BD50 – depending on the car make and model.

Renting a car for a week will set you back somewhere between BD60 and BD280. Naturally if you rent for a month, the deal will be even better.



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