James Davis, photographer
Englishman James Davis, ABIPP, started his world-wide photographic collection 40 years ago as a ship’s photographer travelling on world voyages including The Pacific and Australasia. “In those days, travel around the globe was more likely by sea than by air and was a great opportunity to obtain photographs from the many different countries visited,” he says. 

Following the years at sea, James continued his career as a travel photographer specialising in work for tour operators and publishers whilst continuing to build up his library of stock photography with over 80 countries visited so far.

Interestingly, his latest travels involve “going back to his roots” by returning to travel on a cruise ship with coverage along the Pacific coast of Central America photographing Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico.

James is a frequent visitor to Bahrain, and is the senior photographer on the Visitor's Guide team.

His website address is: www.jdphotography.com

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