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Bahrain pearl traditions featured on CNN Print E-mail

Bahrain pearls on CNN

Harvesting pearls was a major source of income for Bahrain and the region until the early 20th century. CNN has a video report on Bahrain's pearl industry.

Diving into Bahrain's pearling past Print E-mail

The group sets sail for the oyster beds
The group sets sail for the oyster beds

By Rebecca Torr    Like most women I'm always captivated by a romantic love story, especially a true one. So I was fascinated when I first heard the tales of Bahrain and its once thriving pearl diving economy.

I pictured men going out in droves for months on end to search for oysters, hoping to unearth the most magnificent pearls in the world. Then bringing them back home to show their loved ones, before selling them on to be turned into a beautiful necklace or a ring or an earring, which might end up being worn by a rich aristocrat or a princess or a deserving mother the other side of the world.

These men were heroes of their day, not just in Bahrain, or Arabia but the whole world, they left an unforgettable legacy.

With this warm hearted story in mind I was thrilled to be invited to go on a pearl diving excursion and retrace the footsteps of these legends of the sea.

An expat's complete guide to Bahrain Print E-mail

Planning to take up employment in Bahrain? Looking to join a family member in the kingdom? Sarah Clarke uses her own experiences to provide new and prospective expatriates a taste of what to expect, what they need to do, and how to go about enjoying life as a resident of this wonderfully welcoming island.

Useful info for new residents Print E-mail

Here is a list of tips, links and phone numbers that newcomers to Bahrain will find useful. You might want to bookmark these links or print them out for easy reference.

Discovering Muharraq's hidden charms Print E-mail
By Heather Anderson  » Unless you live or work in Muharraq, chances are you will only pass through the island when you arrive at or leave from the airport. If so, that would be a pity. The sense of history and timelessness you experience in Bahrain's second-largest city is the kind you will not find anywhere else, and is reason enough to take this trip into the past.
Local architecture is music for the eyes Print E-mail

By Mika Michael » For architects, Bahrain offers a truly unique experience. Here you can see the works of the most famous architects in the world, projects where only the sky has been the limit - not the thickness of the client's wallet.

Spas a refreshing new trend Print E-mail
By Meera Ravi » Boomtime Bahrain is taking its beauty seriously. Even as megabuck deals are inked and buildings spring up everywhere, kissing the skies and hugging newly-defined coastlines, people are making time to rejuvenate themselves in the soul-pleasing and luxurious surroundings of the lovely spas that now dot the kingdom.
Spa culture: What you shoud know Print E-mail
By Meera Ravi » With the fabulous range of treatments available at spas today, it’s all too easy to forget that you, the guest has to be actively involved to make a difference with the treatment you choose.
F1 powers Bahrain into overdrive Print E-mail
By Roy Kietzman It has been only four years since the island became a regular stop on the Formula-1 racing calendar, but it's fair to say the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has transformed life in the kingdom.