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While at the suq, don’t hesitate to explore the lanes and alleys. There is a wealth of traditional items you could pick up, as well as foodstuff the region is famous for, such as dates and dry fruit.
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Hotel directory - Three star hotels
Here is a list of three-star hotels in Bahrain, with phone numbers. If calling from outside Bahrain, please note the country code is 973. There is no city code.


Hotel Tel. No.
Aradous Hotel
Adhari Hotel 17224242
Le Vendome Hotel 17257777
Oriental Palace Hotel 17223331
Al Andalus Plaza 17713322
Al Jazira Hotel 17211810
Tylos Hotel 17252600
Palace Inn Hotel 17725000
Atlas Hotel 17275500
Mansouri Mansions 17716999
Sheza Tower Hotel 17533336
San Rock Hotel 17277200
Bahrain International
Al Dana Novotel Resort
Al Commodore Hotel 17712777
Semiramis Hotel 17291444
Riviera Hotel 17729222
Metropolitan Hotel 17296464
Carlton Hotel 17715999
Gulf Pearl Hotel 17217333
Gulf Wings Hotel 17714400
Windsor Tower
California Hotel 17826001
Mashtan Hotel 17224466

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