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The name Bahrain means ‘Two Seas’ in Arabic. It derives its name from the fact that in Bahrain, sweet water springs from the middle of the salty sea.
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Room for every taste
By Roy Kietzman   »   It’s hard to believe that a modest-sized country like Bahrain would have nearly a hundred hotels, dozens of blocks with attractively furnished apartments and guesthouses. Whether you want to stay near a beach, prefer a hotel that provides wi-fi or are organising a congress for thousands of delegates, you’ll certainly find exactly the accommodation that suits your requirements.
Looking for a place to stay?
Planning on visiting Bahrain soon but don't know where to stay? We've compiled an exhaustive list of hotels in Bahrain, ranging from the five-star to inexpensive guesthouses.
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12 tips to get the best hotel deal
Hotels rates in Bahrain tend to fluctuate depending on season and demand. Even with five-star hotels, which tend to charge similar rates, it does not mean there aren't deals to be had. Here are 10 tips to get the most bang for your buck.
Puttin' on the Ritz!
By Kirsten Stocker   »   The Ritz. The name alone evokes images of luxury, fine living, indulgence. The Ritz Carlton Hotel and Spa is, without question, perceived as Bahrain's very best, but does the image hold up to the actual guest experience?
Your own butler? Now, that's luxury
By Kirsten Stocker   »   Your own butler, a private infinity pool, a three bedroom villa that is impeccably decorated with the best in interior design from around the world, a menu which can be tailored to your every whim, a massage in your own private tropical garden….this is surely the ultimate in style, luxury and comfort. Is it a private island getaway in the Caribbean or a secret palace in the Far East? No…this gem is right here in Bahrain and is one of 23 stunning villas which make up the jewels in the crown for the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain.
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