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Visitors interested in ancient Bahraini architecture should visit Muharraq and experience how wind-towers provided cooling in the days before air conditioning.
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Shukri Rasool, photographer
As a youngster, Shukri Rasool never dreamt he would one day become one of Bahrain's best known photographers. At the time, he was more interested in art.

It took the persuasion of his manager at the store where he worked as a salesman for him to take up photography, and it was only after he won a contest at the age of 19 that he began to get serious about his hobby. Today, his work is in demand both in Bahrain and abroad.

He currently specializes in industrial photography and portraiture but his work reveals a far wider spectrum of interests. Always on the lookout for different ways of capturing images on film, he was one of 10 top photographers whose works were featured in the coffee-table book Bahrain: 24 Hours in the Life of a Nation.

You can see some of his pictures at


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