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Off-road thrills get heart racing
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Some of the teachers turn out to be radio personalities, well known in Bahrain, like David Bloomer and Marie-Claire.

“Being accustomed to radio, they’re used to talking, dealing with the public and, more importantly, explaining things in an easy-to-grasp manner,” said Davies. Two skid cars are used in driving-training programmes which demonstrate to drivers how to avoid losing control on an open road.

When unavoidable trouble looms, instructors show the best means of minimising the risk for oneself, passengers and other road users.

“We guarantee that you’ll leave SkidXtreme exhilarated and a better driver,” assures Davies.  

Drivers encounter situations that they may never run into. But, then again, they may, and at least they’ll know how to keep control of their vehicle.

At times, training deals with pure desert survival which is primordial in this region where drivers come from various countries in the Middle East.

Another key factor in the ADA equation is using off road to test or show off the reliability and resilience of specific models of car manufacturers, like the Jeep and Mitsubishi Pajero.

A monumental move in 2007 has been the signing of a contract with Hummer to open an Arabian academy for the star models.

Such a facility will be the single academy in the world after the one at its headquarters in South Bend, Indiana, USA, which has a long history of motor manufacturing.

“Having a Hummer academy here will be the opportunity to present the ultimate in off-road driving,” Davies enthused, strengthening BIC’s role as a regionwide centre of excellence in motor sports and driving.

An academy edifice is being constructed with a dedicated course for 325-horsepower Hummer 2 and 220-horsepower 3 models.

Hummers are already used in twice-monthly courses for the Hummer 2 (1½ days) and Hummer 3 (3 days).

Whether passenger, professional driver or using a car for pleasure or business, everyone stands to benefit from the off-road course, learning new techniques in road handling at Bahrain International Circuit.