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Spas a refreshing new trend
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Located in a beautifully restored old Bahraini house, la fontaine bills itself as “the most original spa in the Gulf” and acts as a distinctive and extraordinary oasis hidden away from the deafening anxiety and stress of everyday life. The spa provides an atmosphere that can be enjoyed individually or with friends, and can be a haven for the stressed and over-worked.

The whole concept of this wonderfully designed spa is serenity. Serenity is captured in total harmony: the shapes, materials, colours, and aromas all express a new dimension of “tranquility” and “invisibility” of the soul. At la fontaine, the primary focus is on regaining and maintaining balance – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – by using natural treatments for the face, such as Vitamin Facial, Seaweed Facial, and Anti-Pigmentation (using natural fruit acids), and signature body treatments like Hot Stone Therapy, Underwater Massage, Water Jet Massage, Milk & Honey Body Wrap and Permanent Hair Removal (using natural fruit enzymes).

The Jacques Dessange Spa offers specialized dermatology treatment for laser hair removal and extensive hair and beauty treatments in addition to spa packages to soothe your body. There is the full day Bliss package to rest and recharge you; the New Era pre-wedding package for nervous brides which is done in a series over a few days, a Chill Out package that includes a milk bath, a lime and ginger salt glow scrub, hot stones massage, facial and hair care.

“Our therapists are extremely well-trained and training is an ongoing process with experts regularly dropping in or our girls flying out to Paris or Lebanon for updates,” said Spa Director Louise Moy in hushed tones, as she guided me through the beautifully kept therapy rooms of the Spa. The atmosphere vibrated with a serene quiet and she says clients who fall asleep during treatment are woken up by the gentle sound of Tibetan cymbals being struck against each other “…to clear the negative energy and restore positivity.”

You can often take a slice of your spa experience back home by buying a treatment oil or facial mask or even the cymbals as a takeaway gift from the retail section.

So fit in a spa experience into your busy, busy life and watch yourself bloom!