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Caramel in Cyprus Gardens is another select cafe noted for its pastries. On the other hand, Le Chocolat in Seef has irresistible pastries to go with coffee or tea but a chicken sandwich makes a fine between-meals snack. Veranda and international chains Costa, Seattle’s Best, New York Coffee and Starbucks are among other places where comfy seating is usually de rigueur.

Some of the coffee shops have long menus detailling the dozens of ways they can make coffee. “Gutsy gourmets” will love The One cafe in Al A’ali mall where everything’s served with a certain flair in a neo-deco setting.

The Conservatory is the oldest teashop in Bahrain and has the classic coffee and tea service as well as wonderful scones with the trimmings, delish quiches, irresistible cakes and pastries… indulge, indulge. The upstairs cafe at Ashraf’s is the place to go after a hard morning’s shopping, and you’re likely to find some discerning customers there.

Dining out is obviously an important pursuit in Bahrain as clubs, corporations, institutions and companies organise luncheons and dinners for dozens of guests. Plays, concerts and shows often have dinner as part of the evening. The local chapter of the august Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs meets monthly where a chef creates menus that soar the gastronomic heights.

If you wish to resist sitting in breathtaking dining rooms, you can have your meal delivered by Gourmet Express which links up with 70 outlets to bring you soup or a complete meal along with the newspaper, cigarettes or chocolates. The restaurants of Gulf, Mövenpick and City Centre hotels are prime sources on the Gourmet Express menu but you can choose just about any of your favourite restaurants, fast-food outlets and cafes and let them do the rest.