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Bahrain was the first country outside the Arabia peninsula to embrace Islam during the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed. It came just eight years after the Prophet’s flight from Mecca to Medina.
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Rent-a-car best way to explore
The best option by far if you would like to go to places quickly and easily is to rent a car. Rental charges are very reasonable.

To drive in Bahrain you need a GCC or an International Driving License. You have to present your license to be able to hire a car and it has to be endorsed by the Traffic Directorate. Do not worry; you can get it done at the car rental firm!

Several car rental companies - from very small to well known international firms like Hertz and Avis - operate in Bahrain and all offer very good services.

The charges vary from company to company. Unlimited mileage and insurance is generally included. As a rough guide, the rental for one day is between BD12 and BD50 – depending on the car make and model.

Renting a car for a week will set you back somewhere between BD60 and BD280. Naturally if you rent for a month, the deal will be even better.



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