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Foreign diplomatic
missions in Bahrain

Embassy of Algeria Tel: 713669

Embassy of Bangladesh Tel: 293371

Consular office of Belgium Tel: 224361

Embassy of China Tel: 723800

Consular Agency of Denmark Tel: 785100

Embassy of Egypt Tel: 720005

Embassy of France Tel: 291734

Embassy of Germany Tel: 530210

Embassy of India Tel: 712785

Embassy of Iran Tel: 722400

Embassy of Iraq Tel: 786929

Embassy of Japan Tel: 716565

Embassy of Korea Tel: 291629

Embassy of Kuwait Tel: 534040

Embassy of Lebanon Tel: 531385

Consular agency/Netherlands Tel: 224320

Consular agency/New Zealand Tel: 223600

Embassy of Oman Tel: 293663

Embassy of Pakistan Tel: 244113

Embassy of Philippines Tel: 710200

Consular agency of Portugal Tel: 674017

Embassy of Russia Tel: 725222

Embassy of Saudi Arabia Tel: 537722

Embassy of South Africa Tel: 786699

Consular agency of Sweden Tel: 531085

Consular agency of Switzerland Tel: 227811

Embassy of UAE Tel: 723737

Embassy of the United Kingdom Tel: 534404

Embassy of the United States Tel: 273300

Embassy of Yemen Tel: 277072

Bahrain embassies
and consulates