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Barnaby Joe's, better known as BJ's, is one of Bahraain's most popular nightclubs

Get into groove!

By Marie-Claire

Coming from London (where you can do just about anything you can dream up) and living in Kuwait (where you can do just about nothing you can dream up), I was very apprehensive as to what to expect when it came to nightlife in Bahrain. Needless to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.

If you want to go out and have fun but are not in the mood to trip the light fantastic, then why not try one of Bahrains many restaurants ­ most of which have live entertainment.

Ciros Pizza Pomodoro is always a great choice. With an Italian menu the food is great and the pizzas are to die for. They have a live band that will have you craning your neck to check if it really is them singing and the atmosphere is always electric.

If youd rather have Mexican food then Senor Pacos in Adliya is the place to go. Lively and always entertaining, they serve the best margaritas in town. Make sure that you have no other plans for the rest of the night though as you are guaranteed to leave full and satisfied but ready to sleep for a week!

For a traditional Arabic night, try Zahle at the Gulf Hotel. They serve the best Lebanese food in Bahrain and will entertain you with live Arabic music and belly dancing in the most comfortable surroundings that a five star hotel can offer.

For a more lively night out try one of Bahrains many bars and pubs (all the hotels have at least one) JJ Murphys in Adliya is a popular choice for many. Its an Irish pub with good music and a lively atmosphere not to mention DJ Krazy Kev who is sure to keep you on your toes with all the golden oldies as well as a few well placed, more up to date tunes.

Fiddlers Green at the Diplomat Hotel is another good choice. Also an Irish pub, they often have live entertainment flown in directly from the Emerald Isles especially for your enjoyment.

DJ Paul Fraser will keep you moving to the beat at Diggers (an Australian pub recently opened at the Delmon Hotel) and if its a comfortable living room atmosphere you want without being stuck at home try the upstairs bar complete with pool tables and dart board.

For an atmosphere to fit all moods, the Sherlock Holmes pub at the Gulf Hotel is the place to be. With friendly efficient staff and a band that can get the most subdued of audiences up and dancing, as well as a different promotion every night (including DJ me on a Friday night), you cant go far wrong. If you happen to bump into Steve make sure he buys you a drink!

For those of you who are into sports and British food, Warblers at Baisan International Hotel is a must drop by.

If a Polynesian night is on the cards for you why not try Trader Vics at Le Royal Meridien were you can choose from a massive cocktail menu or simply sit back and relax in comfort to enjoy the best of Polynesian cuisine. For a more refined gentlemens club feel, sit back and enjoy the live music to be enjoyed in the comfort of wing back chairs and plush sofas at the Burlington lounge also found at Le Royal Meridien.

As for nightclubs in Bahrain, your choice is more limited but no less entertaining. BJs (Barnaby Joes) in Adliya has great dance music and the atmosphere will in no way allow you to be a wallflower. Its on two floors and the cocktail trained bar staff will make sure you leave the club wobbly but still standing.

Another great club that is a must visit is Savage Garden at Al Mishal Hotel. It is a cosmopolitan club and the music of DJ Damien will keep you dancing the night away. Well worth a visit, even if its just to go and watch manageress Jo in action. Sunday is ladies night, not one to miss!

The Key Club at the City Center Hotel or Al Layali at Sheraton Hotel are also great places to party. Both offer a mix of the best in Arabic and Western music.

There is no doubt that whatever your tastes, you will find something to please you in Bahrain, but please note that while most places are lax on dress codes, the majority of nightclubs do not allow shorts or trainers.

All thats left for me to say is ÉGo forth and enjoy!



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