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Visitors interested in ancient Bahraini architecture should visit Muharraq and experience how wind-towers provided cooling in the days before air conditioning.
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Travel checklist for Bahrain
Travelling to Bahrain? Here's a handy checklist to make sure you have everything you need before you head out to catch that flight.

  • Book your flight, your hotel and maybe a rental car
  • Check with your doctor if you need vaccinations (most people have had infantile paralysis and tetanus shots; hepatitis A is advisable for every journey)
  • Decide if you need travel and health insurance (again, very advisable for any foreign travel)
  • Check if you have all the papers you need (passport, visa, international driving licence, major credit card)
  • Check the validity of your documents

What papers will you need?
  • Passport (check to make sure it is not close to expiry)
  • Visa (needed by everyone except Gulf nationals and British citizens born in the UK). Citizens of Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the US may obtain a tourist visa on arrival at the airport or at King Fahad Causeway. Other passport holders should apply for a visa in advance at the nearest Bahrain embassy
  • Any form of identity card (in case you lose your passport)
  • Flight ticket showing confirmed onward journey
  • National and international driving licence (if you want to rent a car, you need both)
  • Credit card, travellers cheques, cash (Bahraini dinars or US dollars are best)
  • Photocopies of all your papers (keep them separate from the originals and also leave a second copy at home)
  • A list of important telephone numbers (for flight confirmations, intimation of lost or stolen credit cards etc)
  • Confirmations of your hotel booking, car rental etc

What to pack
  • Clothing and sandals
  • Toiletry items
  • Handbag / rucksack
  • A money belt for your valuables
  • Books
  • Suntan cream, sunglasses, sunhat
  • Camera or video equipment and accessories
  • Clock with alarm
  • Medicine for emergencies (not too much, there are many excellent pharmacies in Bahrain)

Readers have left 3 comments.
 1. Visa application
thomas, Unregistered
I'm Singaporean and will be travelling to Bahrain with my Indoesian friend.
Pls advise where and how can we make a visa . Pls advise the duration of approval
 Posted 2006-07-27 14:35:43
 2. Visa
Neran, Unregistered
I am a Sri Lankan Expat working in Saudi Arabia, Eastern province since July 9th , 2006.

I have got the multiple exit/re entry visa stamped.

Is it possible for me to visit Bahrain for about 2 days, and Can I obtain visa on arrival by bus from King Fahad Caseway?

Plaese advise.
 Posted 2006-09-04 11:01:20
 3. visa information
abid hussain, Unregistered
Dear Sir

I am visiting uae in july 2007 i wanna know that can i get 72 hours stopover in manama by booking hotel preferably two or three stars
 Posted 2007-06-30 15:06:09
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