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The story behind Arab names
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Many people in Bahrain are named after traits and characteristics that parents aspire their children to enjoy in their lives.

These names include Hameed (thankful) and its counterpart Hameeda; Jalil (important) and Jalila; Nabil (noble) and Nabila; Nader (rare) and Nadera; Jamil (handsome) and Jamila (beautiful); Tahir (virtuous, chaste or pure) and Tahira; Wahid (peerless or unique) and Wahida; Adel (just) and Adela and even Samir (companion in evening talk) and Samira.

Some people, especially girls, are named after physical traits which symbolise beauty and femininity. Among the most common names are Hayfa, which means “slender”, Lamees, which means “soft”, Lamya, which means a girl with “beautiful dark lips” and Wedad, which means “love”.

Names given to boys are more masculine and show their status and standing in life. They include Khalifa (successor); Naser (helper); Rashid (rightly guided); Khalil (friend); Emad (support or pillar); Husam (sword); Ihsan (charity) and Mansour (victorious).