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Party capital of the Middle East
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Continuing with the rough, there’s Digger’s in the Delmon International Hotel where you can hide from the world while enjoying good, loud rock music and plenty a bevy at usually very low prices. Don’t forget Tabasco Charlie’s, not necessarily the spiciest of the lot but certainly good fun if you’re up for trekking into the inner haunts of the Manama Suq for a bit of madness. Up for a pub crawl? Started at Hunter’s Lodge in the Adhari Hotel; from there you’ll find plenty of three, two and one-star hotels that’ll literally blow your mind with all that’s on offer.

If you’re looking for more of an up market, International flavour, you’ve got to check out the newest kid on the block, Club Seven at the Mishal Hotel near the UN House. Minimal contemporary décor and DJs from around the world mix contemporary Arbic music with international pop.. Here you’ll find subtle lighting and interior refinements, a world-class sound and light system and the world-famous Lebanese style of service. Plus their Fridays are literally world-famous with DJ residencies from Ministry of Sound to album launch parties and super-star vocalists making regular appearances.  Smooth…

Not too far from here, there’s also Al Fanar at the Diplomat with it’s huge cabaret show, Pizza Pomodoro at the Golden Tulip with a super Lebanese one-man show plus delicious pizzas.  Other great spots for the Arabian flavour are Tarbouche Restaurant at the City Centre Hotel, Berdaouni in the Regency Intercontinental, Al Sawani near the museum, Rayés at the Coral Beach Club  and Zahle at the Gulf Hotel, all of which have full-on entertainment programmes featuring professional bands and belly dancers even though they are technically restaurants.

Still got some steam left in you?  Check out the Coral Beach Club for some of the hottest local and international DJ action from 12 noon and through sunset.  In season, you’ll find nothing but beautiful people, listening to delicious deep music while soaking up the sun and sea, and what an incredible view of Manama Harbour!  Breathtaking.

All this should certainly keep the party animal in you happy. What's more, there are other changes on the horizon. There are many new and exciting places opening, while many current ones change their programmes regularly and host international groups, so be sure to contact them or check out local listings to see what’s going on.

Wherever you do end up going, have a great time and ENJOY!