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From suqs to super shopping malls
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Al A’ali Shopping Complex


Credited with pioneering the renaissance in shopping in Bahrain when it opened its doors in 1996, Al A’ali Shopping Complex is now launching a new extension. The expansion programme will add over 8,000 sq. m. of pure luxury to your shopping experience.

The expanded shopping area at the north side of the complex will house exclusive outlets of world renowned luxury brands such as Coach, Jimmy Choo, Moschino, John Paul Gaultier, Bally, Francesco Biase, Gina, Balenciaga, Chloe, Albertta Ferretti, Memosa, Azal-Jewellery, Ounass-Multibrand and Every Moments among others.

The new extension is an architectural marvel in glass and steel creating an ambience that is very chic and modern. An attractive glass roof allows natural light to permeate through, creating a wide open feel to the interiors.

Creatively blending contemporary architectural designs with traditional Arabic elements, the Complex’s luxurious interior gives visitors an insight into Bahrain’s rich cultural heritage and mercantile history.  The centrepiece is a domed courtyard with superb natural lighting where market stalls offer a variety of locally produced goods from pickles to perfumes. Corridors lead off, like the spokes in a wheel, to a total of 120, high quality, interesting stores.

In addition to its international areas, the mall has created two ‘suqs’. The first, Tawaweesh, resembles an old Bahraini street with its carved wooden windows and balconies. It’s home to the Al Bindaira Café where you can select from a delicious snack style menu and sample a real local tradition, the shisha or ‘hubbly bubbly’ pipe.

Opposite, Bateel Dates offers exquisite, Gulf-grown dates enhanced with nut or fruit fillings, yummy date jam and handmade chocolates for really sweet-toothed customers. Sarraya, the other ‘suq’, only adds to the atmosphere, and the food court has a distinctly ethnic flavour with good quality fare.

Also located in the mall are the Official Grand Prix Merchandise store and the offices of British Airways and Emirates Airlines.

Also here is department store Jashanmal & Sons where you can find books, cosmetics, diningware and other household goods.