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Bahrain is the only island nation in the Middle East. The country actually is an archipelago of 33 islands, of which Bahrain is the largest.
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Around the island in 24 hours
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Divine seafood and a magical carpet shop: A little later it is back to Manama and a visit to the Holiday Inn Hotel. It is Seafood Night at the hotel and I just cannot resist taking some shots of the beautifully laid out dishes of the marvellous variety of fish, shrimps, crabs and oysters - some of which perhaps I had photographed being auctioned at the early-morning fish market!

By now it is mid-evening and time to start winding down after a long day. Where better for this than the Isfahan Carpet Centre in Adliya? Owned by Mutahar Ali Ahmed Dabwan, it is a favourite meeting place for many expatriates to not only view the mind-boggling variety of carpets from around the region but to stop and chat as well.

You cannot visit Mutahar's shop without being offered at least one cup of traditional sweet tea. In fact it's more likely to be several cups by the time you've browsed, chatted with Mutahar and made friends with other visitors.

After some photography and welcome tea it occurs to me that it's a great opportunity at this time of night to take some pictures of traditional shisha smoking back at the Veranda gallery where I had lunch.

It is an excellent place for photographs of the shisha with atmospheric low evening lighting providing a different ambience to the one experienced in the local side street coffee shops during the day.

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