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Bahrain’s postal system is among the oldest in the Arab world. The first post office was opened in 1884. The first stamps, issued in 1933, were British with ‘Bahrain’ overprinted on them.
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Night alive with sound of music
By Marie-Claire   »   They say all good things come in small packages and Bahrain is no exception. This may not be the biggest country in the world but as far as nightlife is concerned, disappointment is not on the menu. Pubs, clubs & grub - Whatever your mood, there's something here for you.
Never let it be said that Marie- Claire doesn’t do all she can for the enjoyment of complete strangers. For nights, weeks, months, years even, I’ve sacrificed my early nights in front of the television to brave the crowds of party-goers-about-town, all in the unselfish interest of being able to recommend the best night out just for you (no need to thank me… it’s ok).

Anyway, having slaved over many a cool drink and a hot shot – necessary research, I’m sure you’ll agree – here are my top picks for a great night out in Bahrain.

Trader Vic’s at the Ritz-Carlton is the perfect choice for a relaxed and civilised night out. This fine venue is a bar, lounge and restaurant all under one roof. With a Polynesian themed décor, it is sophisticated and stylish and masterfully manages to blend an image of only-for-the-beautiful-people with an all-are-welcome atmosphere. It’s the kind of place where you’d feel just as comfortable in a pair of jeans as you would in a cocktail dress (though admittedly some of you men may not agree with that particular choice of apparel).

Traders’ popularity is hardly surprising when you sneak a peek at the drinks menu which features a large selection of wildly potent and easy to drink cocktails. Worry not though; you can always soak them up with the tasty Polynesian-inspired food on offer.

If that’s not where your mood lies and you’re looking for some serious music to shake your thaaang to, you could do a lot worse than making an appearance at Likwid at City Centre Hotel near Bab Al Bahrain. This club dares to stand out from its peers by shunning the usual Top 40 hits you normally bop to when out clubbing and concentrating its energy on the underground music scene. Hardcore techno, house and funk are what you’ll find here and if you’re passionate about your music, you’re guaranteed satisfaction.

Though recently expanded to accommodate a stage for visiting bands and a chilled out VIP area, Likwid is still small enough for you to feel as if you’ve stumbled upon Bahrain’s best kept clubbing secret.

With regular appearances by top DJs from France, Spain, the UK and the US, as well as some of the best local bands on the island, this club boasts great sounds whatever night of the week you choose to go (bear in mind they’re closed on Saturdays). Likwid is a clubber’s club and well worth its minimal door charge.

Next up… A night out at the pub. It’s a three-way tie on this one, which, for those of us who enjoy a good pub-crawl, can only be a good thing. For those who don’t, it means there’s three times the chance of finding a good corner to dig our heels in for the duration.

First up there’s Fiddler’s Green at the Diplomat Radisson SAS. This is an Irish pub with a vibrant atmosphere and a friendly vibe. The only drawback here is that with only one bar and a lot of people propping it up, ordering a round of drinks is likely to be a lengthy process. I would suggest that you pay as you go here rather than running a tab.

Then there’s Warblers at the Baisan Hotel. This is a pub/sports bar with large screens and a mega fun atmosphere. The staff is friendly and competent and will do all they can to make sure you enjoy yourself. As for food, they have the best pub menu on the island with great big portions that will stick to your ribs – yummy and easy on the wallet.

Third up is JJ Murphy’s at the Al-Bustan hotel. Again, an Irish themed pub (all the best ones seem to be), it’s lively and has the talents of DJ Sean who’ll keep you on the dance floor till you’re ready to drop. Also, a bonus here for the girls, it’s ladies night six nights a week.

These three venues may stand out, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many more good places to hang out. Here are some others we like:

Wrangler’s at the Elite Hotel in Juffair is my dance venue of choice, due in large part to the considerable talents of DJ Khoorosh and a staff that really is the friendliest on the island!

The Metropolitan’s Club 1 is also a firm favourite. Mostly club and partly sports bar and eatery, they always have the most kick a*** band in town.

BJ’s at the Al Bustan Hotel is Bahrain’s biggest and most established nightclub. On two storeys and recently refurbished to include a VIP area upstairs, it’s a safe choice for a fun night out.

There is also Club Layali at the Sheraton Hotel; it’s open Wednesday through Friday only but well worth a visit if you happen to be in town on those nights.

Ric’s Country Kitchen (we love Ric) in Juffair is the place to go for great big helpings of American food. Slip through to the bar when you’ve finished eating and sample his hospitality (oh and give him a big hug from me).

Recently re-born, but as yet unvisited by yours truly, Savage nightclub at the Mishal Hotel off Exhibition Road is said to be much fun and growing in popularity night by night.

Not enough to choose from? There’s more…

Tabasco Charlie’s at Adhari hotel near Bab Al Bahrain is popular with musicians who like to drop by and jam with the band. Rap/ hip-hop is also largely featured.

For something completely different, try Al Fanar at the Diplomat Radisson SAS. It’s a popular Arabic nightclub with belly dancing and Arabic singers.

Pulse at Safir Hotel in Juffair has a massive dance floor and a blend of Arabic and Western music.

Rock Bottom at Ramee International Hotel, also in Juffair, has an American theme and music from both a band and a DJ.

Well, I think it’s safe to say I’ve given you more than enough to be getting on with for now, so it’s time to stop reading and start partying. I’ll see you there, and yes, thank you, I will have that drink!



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