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Ad is, quite simply, Bahrain's biggest and most comprehensive travel website. Weighing in at more than 200 pages (with more pages and features added every month), you simply will not find a site packed with as much information as this one does.

All articles you will read on this site have been commissioned and are exclusive to our print and web editions. Our team of writers and photographers come from around the world and are all highly respected professionals in their fields.

The primary intention of this website is to provide quality features and comprehensive directory information that visitors and residents in Bahrain will find useful, in a site that is at once attractive and easy to navigate.

Our site statistics bear us out: the beta version of regularly received more than 80,000 hits a month, without even the benefit of advertising, being registered at search engines or the use of 'meta tags' to drive traffic to the site!

The website has now officially been launched, and we welcome you to promote your company through advertisements on this site. Our rates for all regular ads are listed below. We are also open to custom ads, paid-for links, special promotions and site sponsorships. ( us for details).



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Design: $200/BD76 per page, or $500/BD190 for 3 pages (one time charge)
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* Unless otherwise mentioned, all rates are for one year. We make every attempt to accommodate specific page and position requests; a 15% premium may be charged on high-demand pages.

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*** Text links only available to companies and individuals already mentioned in articles on the site.

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