The Hawar Resort


Visit Hawar Island and get away from it all.

Hawar Island is just a 90-minute ferry ride away from the mainland, but it is quite simply a whole new world. You will be greeted by pristine beaches, cool blue waters and rarely seen birds. Hawar Resort, the sole but classy hotel on the island, offers excellent sports and recreation facilities. Spend even a day at the resort and you are guaranteed to come back with your batteries recharged.


Get in your fill of sun, sea and sand.

For many visitors to Bahrain, life is a beach. If sun, sea and sand are what you crave, there are several beaches to satisfy you ? some public, some restricted, and some private like the one reserved for guests of the Ritz Carlton. Just ask around if you are not sure which beach is closest to you.


Let the kids drive you round the bend at Rally Town.

Excitement is guaranteed at this purpose-built track complex for go-karting. And it's not just for kids ? there is a selection of karts for all ages, from three to 70. The adult karts are fully automatic while those for children are battery-powered.

For directions and ticket prices, call Rally Town on 531165.


Explore the garden of delights.

The Water Garden in Gufool has a number of attractions, including fun rides for children, a mini-zoo and a pond. Perfect for evening relaxation with the family.


Feel the beat at Arabic nightclubs.

Music, it is said, is the food of love, and Arabic music certainly appears to come straight from the heart.

Whether or not you understand the words, you will enjoy a night listening to the rhythms at an Arabic nightclub.


Take the plunge and dive for pearls!

Bahrain's shallow waters and warm climate make it perfect for recreational diving. A number of clubs cater to both experienced and novice divers. Aquatique (271780) recently launched a special course to promote pearl diving. In addition to searching for pearls, you also get a chance to see up to 30 types of coral and more than 200 species of fish.


Dance the night away at BJ's.

Barnaby Joe's has been voted the most popular nightspot in the country ? and has the crowds to prove it. The club, which regularly features live bands and tribute acts, has a great atmosphere. A place to see and be seen. BJ's reserves rights of admission, so it's best to call (tel 716062) before you go.


Sail away to a deserted island.

Depending on the tides, try and get a boat out to Jarradah. You can enjoy this sandpit that becomes a desert island for a few hours by taking a picnic and your snorkel.


Get into a word war.

If you are a Scrabble fan, boy, are you in for a treat! The word game has a big following in Bahrain with clubs hosting Scrabble evenings or tournaments almost right through the year. If you'd like to match wits with some of the island's best, call the Bahrain Scrabble Committee (tel 242641).


Rock to the rhythm of the jungle at Savage Garden.

Welcome to the jungle! If you're looking for nightlife on the wilder side, Savage Garden is the place for you. The jungle atmosphere makes this nightclub, which specialises in salsa rhythms, one of the more unusual on the island.


Sit at the Marina and watch the world go by.

Join the many Bahrain residents who spend their evenings relaxing at the Marina, sipping coffee, looking out at the boats in the distance or just watching the sun go down. It is a great way to unwind!


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You do not need a license to buy or consume alcohol in Bahrain. However you should know that if you buy alcohol from one of the stores, some taxi drivers may refuse to give you a ride, so pre-arranging transport is advisable.