The cover of the 2003/04 edition, currently in its second reprint.The Visitor's Complete Guide to Bahrain has sold more than 125,000 copies since it was first published in 1996.


The 2003/04 edition of the Visitor's Complete Guide to Bahrain is now available for sale. Copies are available in both hardcover and softcover.

The book, in glorious full colour and printed on quality white glossy stock, spans 208 pages (A4 size). It makes an excellent companion, whether you are just visiting Bahrain, planning to move here, or just like to read about other countries. Many visitors and departing expatriates also like to buy copies as a remembrance of their time in Bahrain.

To order, providing us with your shipping address and number of copies required. We will email you the total cost including shipping and handling for that address, and details on how to make payment. Our current single copy price is US$12.95 for softcover editions and US$14.95 for hardcover editions, plus shipping and handling (typically $10-12 for Europe and North America). We do not charge tax. Discounts may apply for multiple orders.

Unless otherwise specified, we will mail the latest edition of the book. Every issue has completely new features, so if you are looking for something specific, us first. Previous years' editions are subject to availability.

Orders are processed immediately on receipt of cheque and delivery is usually within three weeks.

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The first edition of the Visitor's Complete Guide to Bahrain, launched in 1996, had just 96 pages. By contrast, the current issue weighs in at 208 pages and the 2005 edition will have 224 pages.


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