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A DIARY of the Friendship Tour team's experiences in Ireland, written by Kate Lawson-Statham:

Sitting is a cosy candle lit restaurant in Galway, situated metres away from the Atlantic Ocean, we are contemplating exactly what makes Ireland such a perfect destination for Middle Eastern visitors.

Is it the friendliness and hospitality of the people, or perhaps the high standard of food offered in such a wide variety of restaurants. Or is it the many types of good hotels and guest houses available or perhaps the cool temperature and the greeness of the environment that offeres such a welcome change from the stifling heat of a Gulf summer?

The answer is that it is not just one of these things but a combination.

Irish people are used to and enjoy visitors and conversation. Travelling from the Airport into Dublin was a good illustration of this spirit. We were given a guided tour for the whole journey plus as many jokes as you could fit into such a short time.

Dublin is famed for its sights and night life and neither dissapoint. A one hour drive from Dublin will take you to the National Stud in Co. Kildare. A perfect destination for all those interested in thoroghbred horses. This is the only stud open to the public in Ireland.

Another two hours drive will bring you to Killarney. A small town nestled below the National Park. Here there are three lakes to go boating on, bicycle tracks, horse riding , golf, walks, shopping and excellent restaurants.



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